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Welcome to the Teaching Information page of Community Education at Santa Monica College. 

Applicants interested in teaching for Community Education should download the teaching documents below*.  Read them carefully before completing the proposal form and the Independent Contract form.


Teaching Documents:

*Please note that we have two separate proposals listed above.  For proposed class tuition over $499, you'll need to use the expanded version, EXTENDED PROPOSAL FORM (PDF).

Completed course proposal packet must be sent electronically only to
Alice Meyering, Program Coordinator. Please email to

Proposal Deadlines

Semester dates vary from year to year; a general estimate of semester duration is supplied here for reference.  Due to the extensive turnover time involved in class schedule production, the deadlines will be strictly enforced with no exceptions. 


Below are the proposal deadlines for each semester:



September 1. Semester begins first week of January and ends early February


October 1. Semester begins early February, and ends the first week of June


February 1. Semester begins mid June, and ends early August


March 1. Semester begins after Labor Day, and ends early December