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Public Work Construction

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4. Estimating Bids for Greater Profit.

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Secrets of Public Work Construction Series

Are you thinking about bidding on public construction jobs?  California has 100 billion dollars of approved public works project that require Disadvantage and Small Business Enterprise participation goals.  What does that mean to you?  It means money and growth for your construction business.  Before you can take advantage you must learn the rules. This certificate series is design to be your blue print to succeed in public work construction.  It covers how to structure your business for the proper record keeping, explain the language of public works, prevailing wage, and the laws that govern public works.  It will cover the difference between bidding private vs. public jobs.  You will also be connected to Santa Monica SBDC for 1-on-1 assistance to put what you learn into your business.

1.  Business Infrastructure Development


The most important element of building a great house or building is a solid foundation.  This class is the foundation of your business.  You will learn what you need to keep your business in good standing and to qualify for certification.  What you learn will help you through certification and finance applications. 

  • Stock Registration
  • Annual Minutes
  • Taxes
  • Required Federal and State Postings
  • Insurance requirements & Bonding
  • Best Practices for compliance:
    Separate Payroll account
    Accounting program (Quick books, etc.)
  • Certifications (8(a), DBE, SBE,
  • 8(a) Certification
  • Posting
  • Time Sheets
  • I-9 Forms

2.  Fundamentals of Policies and Procedures

Safety is emphasized in Public Construction.   Hazard Communication Plan, Illness and Injury Prevention (IIP), Respirator, Quality Control and Site Specific Safety plan are policies you need to have in place.

  • Illness and Injury Prevention Plan
  • Hazard Communication
  • Drug Policy
  • Site Specific Safety Plan
  • OSHA 10 Hour Certification
  • OSHA 30 Hour Certification
  • Implementing Your Safety Plan
    • Employee Training IIP
    • Site Work Through
    • Tail Gate Meetings
  • Respirator Policy
  • Heat Illness Prevention Program
  • Lock Out/Tag Out
  • Confined Space
  • Quality Control Program

 3.  Prevailing Wage: Tips You Need Before You Bid

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Have you seen bids with the term “this is a prevailing wage project”?  Did you receive a fine from the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) on a prevailing wage project?  The DIR reported record fines against contractors for non payment of prevailing wage. Prevailing wage is a predetermined wage rate that you must pay your employees.  Sounds simple enough however there are many different prevailing wages.

  • Davis Bacon vs. Department of Industrial Relations rates
  • Funding dictates the rules
  • How to find prevailing Wages
  • California Labor Codes 1771 – 1810
  • Job classification
    •  Job classification based on scope of work
  • Apprentice Requirements (5/1 Ratio)
  • Approved Apprentice Programs
  • Required Documentation and Reports
  • Certified Payroll & Statement of compliance
  • Fringe Benefit Statement 
    • Project Labor Agreements (PLA)
    • 1 to 1
    • Core employee (on payroll 60 out 90 days)
  • Read master agreement of union trade
  • Single Project Agreement with Union Trades
    • What you are agreeing to
  • Monthly Trust Fund Contributions
    • Important Deadlines
    • Liquidation Damages
    • Cash Flow 60 to 90 days for first checks (if in Compliance)

4. Estimating for Greater Profit

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Estimating for a private job and a public prevailing wage job are two very different processes.  Learn what the differences are?  Learn the difference in labor cost.  Learn the questions you need to ask to make sure your bid is complete but profitable.

  • How to estimate
  • Labor Rates
  • Questions you need to answer
    • Any special restrictions (start time of work)
    • May affect rate for Labor
    • Travel Time
  • Common mistakes
    • Under biding Labor Cost
    • Not budgeting for apprentices
    • Not incorporating preapproved increases
  • Material Take Offs
  • Scheduling
  • Project Management

5. Contract Management from A – Z

You just won a public work contract, now what?  Know what to expect before you win your first government contract?    Learn what to expect once you have won a public work contract.  The required documentation can be overwhelming.

  • Letter of Intent
  • California Preliminary Notice
  • Subcontractor Agreement
  • Letter of Assent
  • DAS 140
  • DAS142
  • Single Project Agreement (PLA)
  • Apprentice Training Agreement
  • Insurance Certificates - naming owner as additional insured
  • Construction Work Plan
  • Statement of Employer
  • Submittals
  • Certified Payrolls
  • OCCIP/CCIP Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Trust Fund contributions
  • Contract
  • Materials Submittals
  • Schedule of Values
  • Close Out documents
  • Warranties
  • Maintenance Instructions