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Sound Bites - Issue #18 - February 2015


  Community Education's Premiere Newsletter Magazine

This Month's Topics:


Michelle King, Director Community and Contract Ed Michelle King, Director
Career & Contract Ed.

Rewards Program Continues for Our “Life Long Learners”

We’re very happy to announce that our “Life Long Learners” program, which we launched a year ago and which rewards our most loyal students, is being carried forward to 2015 and will become a regular annual offering.


Life Long Leaners Club

In January-February of each year, we will do a tally of the classes taken by our students in the previous year. Any student who has met the minimum of $199 spent  in the previous year will be notified that they have received an electronic voucher that can be used on any classes they register by June 30. The electronic voucher is calculated based on the total amount spent, so in other words, the more you register with us, the more you will get back at the end of the year.

Why? Because we value our students and want to encourage them to continue to look to us for their continuing educational needs. We want to help you, our life long learners, cultivate your interests and professional development – indeed, even your dreams. After all, learning never stops.

If you’d like to find out more about the “Life Long Learners” program, please contact Alice Meyering at or (310) 434-3405.

Michelle King
Director of Career & Contract Education



Alice Meyering, Program Coordinator, Community and Contract Ed Alice Meyering,
Program Coordinator
Community & Contract Education

What’s New: Chinese New Year + 8% Discount*

Coming off a very successful first-ever Open House at the end of January, Lady J and I are still amazed at all the enthusiastic responses to something whipped up in a passing fancy.  Thank you all so much for coming and visiting!  

Riding on the wave of this invigorating experience, we think the celebration ought to continue. Yes, even in February. Good thing it's Happy New Year again! Happy CHINESE New Year, that is.

Chinese New Year is still a big deal across the pond, it’s like Christmas Eve, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year all rolled into one.  Everything is closed for days so everyone gets chance to visit family and friends, and I confess the thought of it still brings back fond childhood memories abroad.

Being in Los Angeles, most of us are savvy enough to know, from placemats at Chinese restaurants that the Chinese Zodiac goes by year in rounds of 12 and every year is represented by a different animal. Now I can regale you with tales of how this all came to be, but you will find Wikipedia does a much better job explaining all the minutiae than I ever could, for those of you who are truly curious.

Chinese New Year

What I want to get to is how we will continue to build the momentum for Spring semester by offering a special promotion for Chinese New Year. Now that’s a way to celebrate, right?

Since the year 2015 brings us the eighth Chinese zodiac sign, The Goat, I thought it would be fun if we give out an 8% discount* using the promo code YearofGoat from now until Feb. 28. The discount is good for all of our on-ground classes – simply enter the promo code upon checkout and you will receive the discount. If you do choose to call us to register, remember to mention the promo code prior to checkout so we know you are one of our special readers and we can thank you for your continued support of Community Education.  

Before I leave you, know that in the Year of the Goat, San-Yang-Kai-Tai is frequently mentioned. It’s a term derived from the I Ching and in short it indicates a most auspicious phase that contains elements of peace, harmony and good fortune. 

May you and yours enjoy peace, harmony and good fortune in 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 officially begins Thursday, February 19; it is the 4712th Chinese year, calculated from the year when the Yellow Emperor first ascended the throne.

      *Discount cannot be used with any other promotion and is not retroactive.


Game Time: Enter Our Photo Contest!

Student Piero Desopo’s photo of
Disney Concert Hall taken in our class
“On the Street with Your Camera”

SMC Community Education is excited to sponsor its first-ever Photo Contest, and the winning image could be the cover of the Fall 2015 class schedule!

“We’ve been blown away by the pictures taken by our students, not only in our popular photography classes, but also students in other classes as well,” said Alice Meyering, Program Coordinator of Community & Contract Education. “And we received so much positive feedback from our Fall 2014 cover, shot by our student Gloria Novi, that we decided a photo contest is the perfect way to display our students’ incredible talents.”

The winner will be featured in our monthly newsletter, Sound Bites, and in addition to the winning image, some of the other photos entered into the contest will be included as well.

Student Aaron De LaTorre’s picture
taken in downtown L.A. in our class
“On the Street with Your Camera” .

A few simple rules and reminders:

The contest is open to all past or present Community Education students.

Images should be submitted by May 1, 2015 to

More than one image may be submitted, and contestants should indicate their names as registered, as well as any information about the photo they want to include – such as, where it was shot and whether it was taken as part of a Community Ed class.

So share your vision with us – and good luck!