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Career Training (Professional Development )


Gain the skills to get a job, keep a job, or get promoted on the job!



Classes designed to help you develop new skills or expand your current ones. These classes are designed to help you develop the necessary workplace skills and a career development plan.


With a long-time commitment to helping local business people, we offer courses to support the business skills needed for a successful business.


Online classes are especially convenient for those with work, school, or childcare commitments, physical disabilities, limited access to transportation, or other circumstances that make it difficult to participate in a traditional classroom setting. Our online business and professional courses are designed to increase your success in the business world.

Training & Development

  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Online Courses
  • Certification

The Shortest Distance Between Your Career & Success is Community Ed!  

Part of the mission of Community Education is to offer our community opportunities to participate in career-focused lifelong learning courses through the not-for-credit format, both on-ground classes and online training.

A selected number of professional development training programs offer industry-recognized certificates of completion. However, not-for-credit courses do not earn college credit and transcripts and grades are not maintained.

It is this leveraging of quick, targetted classes that makes Community Education a unique experience in developing the skills and training not only for personal enrichment, but career development.

Choose from Our Online & Ground Classes to Design Your Own Training Program.