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Online CompTIA A+ Training Course

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

Prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

Ready to pursue a lucrative career in the IT industry? According to the 2022 Dice Tech Salary Report, the average tech salary has increased by 6.9% from 2021 to 2022, with average tech salaries now breaking the six-figure mark for the first time in the 17 years of the report's existence.

CompTIA's A+ certification is the top credential for associate-level IT professionals. This 100% online course will successfully prepare you for the CompTIA A+ certification exams (220-1101 & 220-1102). You will learn essential exam topics such as various computer hardware and software aspects, including mobile devices, networking technology, virtualization, cloud computing, security, and operational procedures. 

Upon course completion, you will receive an exam voucher for each of the A+ certification exams, which covers the cost to sit for the certifying exams upon eligibility.

“I would recommend the CompTIA A+ course to someone in my position. If you need to get this type of IT information quickly all in one place and for a good price, the class is great for that,”    David P.


Job Outlook for CompTIA A+ Certified IT Professionals

  • According to the Certification Magazine 2023 Salary Survey, the average CompTIA A+ salary is $108,170 in the U.S. and $99,980 worldwide. Pay depends on several factors, including years of experience, the city where you are employed, and more.
  • To have a better understanding of the average salary for specific job titles, Glassdoor reported in November 2023 the following figures: IT support specialist ($56,564), network engineer ($100,385), IT specialist ($77,439), network administrator ($85,628), and field service technician ($55,214). 


The CompTIA A+ certification is designed for individuals interested in pursuing a career in information technology (IT). It is an entry-level qualification that is highly recognized in the industry. The certification requires performance testing to validate that professionals possess the necessary skills to solve critical IT support tasks efficiently.

Acquiring the A+ certification demonstrates you possess the essential technical and soft skills required for a field service technician, making it an excellent starting point for individuals who wish to pursue entry-level to intermediate IT positions. Employers worldwide need these trained professionals for endpoint management and technical support roles.

Earning your CompTIA A+ certification opens several job opportunities for you, although it cannot guarantee a specific position. With an A+ certification, you become eligible for several roles, such as an IT support specialist, a help desk technician, a desktop support analyst, a field service technician, and many others.

Course Objectives

  • Master fundamental concepts of multiple operating systems to maintain and support them effectively
  • Develop troubleshooting skills for software, hardware, and connectivity issues
  • Acquire knowledge of network fundamentals, protocols, and troubleshooting techniques
  • Gain in-depth experience in assembling and disassembling computer parts to expand your IT expertise


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Prerequisites and Certification Requirements

There are no prerequisites to enroll in this CompTIA A+ course. However, you should have a basic knowledge of computer hardware and operating systems. For example, how to power up and log on to a machine, use a mouse and keyboard, and basic Microsoft Windows navigation skills.

This course is for you if you are interested in pursuing a career in information technology, specifically related to PC technology— and will prepare you to obtain a CompTIA A+ Certification designation.

CompTIA recommends all A+ exam applicants have up to 12 months of hands-on experience in the lab or field before taking the certification exam.


David Grimes

David Grimes has more than 10 years of management and leadership experience in the private and non-profit sectors. Grimes is passionate about technology and education, having worked as academic dean, student services director, technology coordinator, teacher, consultant, and technology columnist. He holds a Master of Education and a Bachelor of Science from Ohio State University, both in Technology Education.

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