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Getting Started


Getting Started
Creating an Account/Registering for Classes

Quick Summary!

  1. Click on the  Login/Create account link at the top-left of our web pages, under our logo. You will be taken to a page to sign-in or create a new profile.
  2. If you are new to our website, click CREATE A NEW PROFILE - if you already have an account, click the Sign-in button on the left. If you have forgotten your user id and/or password please email us at:  - DO NOT create a new profile, and we will email your login credentials to you.
  3. To register, click on the View Courses  link on the TOP NAVIGATION MENU - this will take you to a page to view all course categories.
  4. To find a specific class, click Search? and enter one or more of the requested fields.
  5. View Course descriptions and add courses to your Shopping Cart. When you are ready you can checkout and go through the payment process.

Detailed Explanation & Step-by-Step Instructions

Why Create a Student Profile? In order to register for classes, series, or events you must create your own student profile. You only have to create a profile once. A profile also allows you to view your transactions, current or past registrations, transcripts, and add your name to a class waiting list. Once you have your account set up, you can login to your account before or after you add items to the shopping cart.

Below you will find detailed instructions on creating a new profile and also the process to register into a class. If you need further assistance, please email use at or call 310-434-3400, option #2:



Create a Profile

Click on Login/Create Account link under the Community Ed logo to either login or create a new student profile.



Login/Create Account icon-link

To create a new account, click on Create New Profile button on the Sign-In page

Create Account page

Profile Creation


  • Select either the Create a Student Profile checkbox(single user) or the Household Profile, if for a household,.
  • Click Submit

Alice Meyering, Program Coordinator, Community and Contract Ed

Add Student Profile 

* denotes required information

  • Enter a Username (we recommend the first initial of your first name followed by  your last name

  • Email and mail preference

Secure your username & password in a safe place for access at a later date.


Create a Profile, step 1

Profile data continues on step 2

Add Student Profile

- continue

  • Enter required information: last name


Alice Meyering, Program Coordinator, Community and Contract Ed
Profile data continues on step 3

Add Student Profile
- continue

  • Enter all required information; name, address, city, state, zip, etc.
  • You will need to have a US residence in order to register for our classes.

  • When you have completed your student profile, click Submit.

After submitting this page, you will receive a confirmation by email and will be returned to the Courses page to browse and select a course for which to register.



Alice Meyering, Program Coordinator, Community and Contract Ed


Registering for a Class

If you are not signed in, you will want to click on the  Login/Create account link on the upper-left section of our web pages, then on the Sign-in page, sign-in using the username and password you selected when creating your profile. If you are signed in you can start to browse for a class, as outlined below.

You can browse for classes from our Courses page (see below) or by using the Search widget in the upper-right corner of our web pages.

Courses Page


  • From the Courses page,  locate a preferred Category

  • Click the preferred category link

After clicking on your preferred category, you will land on the class listing page, which lists the classes in that category.



Courses page

Class Listing Page


  • Locate your preferred class

  • Click ADD TO CART button or Click on the course title to view the Course Detail page.

When a class or classes are added to the shopping cart,  options become available in the left-side bar:


  • Choose Additional Classes
  • Edit Cart
  • Checkout

Course summary from listings on Courses page

Course Detail page


  • You can read more detailed information on the class.

  • You can Add the class to the shopping cart, or go to checkout.



Course Detail

Shopping Cart


  • Review your order and the Refund Policy and check the "Agree" box . 

  • You can checkout or do a number of other tasks, like apply a promo code, or gift code, for example, if you have a discount code,  type it into the blank field, and then click "Apply Class Code"

Once you checkout, you will be taken to a page to enter in your payment details and complete the checkout process. Once you checkout, you will receive a confirmation and email receipt.


Shopping Cart