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Community Education's Premiere Online Magazine

Index of Past Issues

Note that from June 2019 to December 2020, issues are published every other month. Publication paused in December 2020, a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In September 2022, Sound Bites resumed publishing on an alternate month schedule.

September 2022 - December 2023

Issue #81 Nov 2022 Teacher's Corner: Pick Your Genre by Tom Gianakopoulos
Issue #80 Sept 2022 Teacher's Corner: Everyone Has a Story by Alyssa Kress

September 2019 - December 2020

Issue #79 December 2020 On the Cover: 15% Discount on Community Ed Classes
Issue #78 October 2020 On the Cover: Bridging Time & Space with Poetry
Issue #77 August 2020 On the Cover: The Wizard of iPhone Photography: Alon Goldsmith
Issue #76 June 2020 On the Cover: Alon Goldsmith Wins Sixth Annual Photo Contest!
Issue #75 April 2020 On the Cover:  Community Ed Meeting the Covid-19 Challenge!
Issue #74 Feb 2020 On the Cover: Jasmyne Boswell: Expressing Life with Pen on Paper
Issue #73 Dec 2019 On the Cover: Holiday Memories from Our Instructors
Issue #72 Oct 2019 On the Cover: Caroline Rakness: From Dance Major to Financial Advisor

September 2018 - December 2019

Issue #71 Aug 2019 On the Cover: A Coach's Passion: Basketball for the Rest of Us!
Issue #70 Jun 2019 On the Cover: 2019 Photo Contest Winner!
Issue #69 May 2019 On the Cover: Preparing for Greater Challenges in Real Estate
Issue #68 Apr 2019 On the Cover: Betzi Richardson on the Way of Poetry and Meditation
Issue #67 Mar 2019 On the Cover: Whispers from a Poet
Issue #66 Feb 2019 On the Cover: The Rapid Rise of an Artist - Francisca Vergara
Issue #65 Jan 2019 On the Cover: Mosaic Artist Climbs Wall to Save Border Art
Issue #64 Dec 2018 On the Cover: Arlene Weinstock's Road to Becoming an Art Instructor
Issue #63 Nov 2018 On the Cover: A Leap of Love for Teaching Fitness--Jackline Daneshrad
Issue #62 Oct 2018 On the Cover: Sarah Olim - Piano Teacher Par Excellence
Issue #61 Sep 2018 On the Cover: An Amazing Reunion from 6,000 Miles Away!

September 2017 - August 2018

Issue #60 Aug 2018 On the Cover: Donyea Adams Expands Property Management Offering
Issue #59 Jul 2018 On the Cover: Barry Brennen Pilots Drones into Community Ed
Issue #58 Jun 2018 On the Cover: Ford Lowcock Brings Unique Expertise to Community Ed
Issue #57 May 2018 On the Cover: Lisa Saperston, TOEFL Instructor, Passes the Test!
Issue #56 Apr 2018 On the Cover: John Lynch, CPR - Heart & Soul Certified
Issue #55 Mar 2018 On the Cover: Harriette McCauley - Francophile Extraordinaire
Issue #54 Feb 2018 On the Cover: Planning for the Golden Years
Issue #53 Jan 2018 On the Cover: The Delicious Secrets of Sushi Girl
Issue #52 Dec 2017 On the Cover: Tony Tran - The Brush Strokes of One Man's Journey
Issue #51 Nov 2017 On the Cover: Cynthia Molnar & The Magic of Ballet
Issue #50 Oct 2017 On the Cover: (Neuroscience) n (Art) = { Todd Carpenter }
Issue #49 Sep 2017 On the Cover: In a World of Stress, the Healing Power of Reiki

September 2016 - August 2017

Issue #48 Aug 2017 On the Cover: A Legacy Continues in Our Horsemanship Classes
Issue #47 Jul 2017 On the Cover: Racing to the Winner's Circle - 2017 Photo Contest Winner
Issue #46 Jun 2017 On the Cover: Seth David - Leading at the Edge of Technology
Issue #45 May 2017 On the Cover: "Lady in Pink" - Fun in Bookkeeping! Is it Possible?
Issue #44 Apr 2017 On the Cover: Walt Louie - The Road to Editing Begins Here!
Issue #43 Mar 2017 On the Cover: Neal Yamamoto - Super Hero with Pen & Ink
Issue #42 Feb 2017 On the Cover: Charlotte Chen and the Art of Reinvention
Issue #41 Jan 2017 On the Cover: Can Our Open House Get Any Better? You Bet!
Issue #40 Dec 2016 On the Cover: Bryan Ricci in Living Color
Issue #39 Nov 2016 On the Cover: Debbi Harper: Brain Health Is All in the Moves
Issue #38 Oct 2016 On the Cover: SMC Investing in Employee Training with Community Ed
Issue #37 Sep 2016 On the Cover: Scott Zaragoza - Life as Pop Art

September 2015 - August 2016

Issue #36 Aug 2016 On the Cover: 3D Printing - Ushering in a Brave New World
Issue #35 Jul 2016 On the Cover: Carmelo Fiannaca. Life, Piece by Piece
Issue #34 Jun 2016 On the Cover: Gian-Martin Joller & the Art of Jewelry Design
Issue #33 May 2016 On the Cover: Despite Loss, Cecilia Dighero Finds Comfort in Teaching
Issue #32 Apr 2016 On the Cover: Simply Magnifico - Paola Barcaccia
Issue #31 Mar 2016 On the Cover: SMC Extension Wins Statewide Award!
Issue #30 Feb 2016 On the Cover: State-Funded Job Training Opportunities
Issue #29 Jan 2016 On the Cover:  VP Georgia Lorenz's Commitment to Life-long Learning
Issue #28 Dec 2015 On the Cover:  The Unexpected Power of Photoshop
Issue #27 Nov 2015 On the Cover:  Nicola McGee – The Butterfly Effect?
Issue #26 Oct 2015 On the Cover:  Doug Dee on Iyengar Yoga and Its Benefits
Issue #25 Sep 2015 On the Cover:  Patricia Ramos - Community Ed “Critical” to SMC’s
Commitment to Lifelong Learning

September 2014 - August 2015

Issue #24 Aug 2015 On the Cover:  Susan Ryza Teaches Dizzying Array of Global Crafts.
Issue #23 Jul 2015 On the Cover:  Online Learning Reaches the World of Bartending
Issue #22 Jun 2015 On the Cover:  Sinclair Rimmon: A Hunger to Help Others.
Issue #21 May 2015 On the Cover:  Basic Mindfulness & Goosebumps.
Issue #20 Apr 2015 On the Cover:  Up Close: A. Moret – Digital Online Editor
Issue #19 Mar 2015 On the Cover:  Ayurveda Seasonal Cleanse + Bonus Healthy Recipe!
Issue #18 Feb 2015 On the Cover:  Looking Back: Open House a "Home Run"!
Issue #17 Jan 2015 On the Cover:  Marlene Hutchinson: Play Guitar in One Day!
Issue #16 Dec 2014 On the Cover: Terri Bromberg: Her Artistic Inspirations
Issue #15 Nov 2014 On the Cover:  Rose Eichenbaum: The Dancer Within
Issue #14 Oct 2014 On the Cover:  The Irrepressible Amin Sadeghpour
Issue #13 Sep 2014 On the Cover:  Jim Wyllie: 50,000 Equestrian Students & Counting!

September 2013 - August 2014

Issue #12 Aug 2014 On the Cover: John Anderson: Fishing with the Bears
Issue #11 Jul 2014 On the Cover: Heather Lyle: Unlocking the Joy of the Human Voice
Issue #10 Jun 2014 On the Cover: Simone Bartesaghi: Living the Dream
Issue #9 May 2014 On the Cover: Andy House: Breaking Bad? TV Exec Hones Photography Passion
Issue #8 Apr 2014 On the Cover: Gayle Gale: Public Art Tour & Children's Art Leader
Issue #7 Mar 2014 On the Cover: Bob Cohen & Bobology?
Issue #6 Feb 2014 On the Cover: Freddie Manseau: An Utter Delight
Issue #5 Jan 2014 On the Cover: Margaret Drach: Performing Small Miracles
Issue #4 Dec 2013 On the Cover: Brian Leng: Photography Through a Lens of Passion
Issue #3 Nov 2013 On the Cover: Cyb Barnstable: Teacher & Philanthropist
Issue #2 Oct 2013 On the Cover: Oscar-Winning Artist Inspired by Community Education Tour
Issue #1 Sep 2013 On the Cover: Monona Wali: Memoir Writing Yields Rich Stories