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Advanced Career Training Programs Overview

Advanced Career Training Programs (formerly known as CTP's) are designed for those looking to start a new career, or gain skills to advance in their existing career. You can start our Advanced Career Training Programs (ACT) anytime and work at a pace that suits your individual style.

Ed2Go classes are not-for-credit and will not be eligible for transfer. As with all Community  Education classes and programs, ed2go classes are for personal enrichment and professional development only.

Watch the below video for an introduction to ed2go Advanced Career Training Programs.


Key features:
  • Prepare for industry certification or start a new career
  • Start anytime
  • Many programs completed in less than six months
  • In-depth study; all required learning materials provided
  • Personal Instructor assistance via email
  • Certificate of completion awarded with passing score

In our Advanced Career Training Program, you will have access to all the lessons and assignments from day one, and the provided materials are shipped within 48 hours. You will receive all the materials, instructor assistance, and Student Advisor guidance you need to have a truly comprehensive learning experience. Upon completing the program with a passing score, you will be issued a certificate of completion.


Career Training Program Preview Videos

Certified Personal Trainer Become a Freight Broker Bookkeeping Certification
Dental Assistant Training Medical Billing Certification Veterinary Assistant

Popular Advanced Career Training Programs


Looking for Fundamental Courses (single topic classes)


For Career Training Program support, please call your ed2go enrollment rep at this number:  855-520-6806. This includes, registration, login and technical support.

Ed2Go Fundemental (Instructor-Led) Support can be reached through the “Help” link on every ed2go website, through or at 1-866-441-5454 option 3, Including  making changes to your name or requesting information on courses.





What are good careers to pursue with online education?

There are many careers that can be pursued through online education, and the best choice for you will depend on your interests, goals, and abilities. Here are ten careers that may be a good fit for online education:

  1. Computer Science: Online programs in computer science can prepare you for a career in software development, data analysis, or cybersecurity.

  2. Business: Online business programs offer a range of concentrations, including marketing, finance, and management, and can prepare you for a career in a variety of industries.

  3. Education: Online education programs can prepare you to become a teacher or instructional designer, and many programs offer certification or licensure.

  4. Healthcare: Online healthcare programs can prepare you for a variety of careers, including nursing, healthcare administration, and healthcare informatics.

  5. Marketing: Online marketing programs can prepare you for a career in digital marketing, advertising, or public relations.

  6. Psychology: Online psychology programs can prepare you for a career as a counselor or therapist, or for work in research or education.

  7. Criminal Justice: Online criminal justice programs can prepare you for a career in law enforcement, corrections, or forensic science.

  8. Social Work: Online social work programs can prepare you for a career in social services, counseling, or community organizing.

  9. Information Technology: Online IT programs can prepare you for a career in network administration, cybersecurity, or data analysis.

  10. Public Health: Online public health programs can prepare you for a career in public health research, policy, or administration.

This list is just a starting point, and there are many other careers that can be pursued through online education. It's important to carefully consider your interests, goals, and personal circumstances when choosing a career path.