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2020 Photo Contest Finalists #340

Congratulations to all our finalists and to all those talented photographers who had participated in our contest!

Sixth Annual Catalog Cover Photo Contest
Student Finalists (2020)

Surveillance - Winning Photo 2020

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Alon Goldsmith

"I shot Surveillance using my iPhone. The location is the Boardwalk in Venice Beach at the height of the Coronavirus shutdown in mid-April. I was out riding my bike when I noticed that this wall, which is usually painted with a brightly colored mural, had been painted over with what I think of as Covid Brown. I felt compelled to stop and wait for something interesting to happen. I photographed a number of decent images, but I knew immediately upon capturing this one that my work was done."

EQUIPMENT: iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Hipstamatic app.

Date: April 2020.

Covered Bridge - 1st Runner-up

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Mark Harding

"This photo was shot in Eureka, California. I was out shooting in the area earlier in the day and decided to come back near sunset with the hope that the sun would be setting behind the bridge. I was fortunate that the sun was shining right through the center of the bridge when I shot this image at 7:05 PM."

EQUIPMENT: It was shot with a Nikon D850. The lens used was a Nikkor 16-35mm F4 zoom lens shot at 16mm for 1/80 second at f14. ISO was set to 250.

Date: September 10, 2019.

Yosemite Mist - 2nd Runner-up

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Julian Tso

"It was early in the morning and we were hiking up to reach one of the summits in Yosemite when we came across a beautiful waterfall. Even from afar, I could feel the refreshing mist blowing off the face."

EQUIPMENT: Canon EOS Rebel T5i Canon Lens 18-55 mm.


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